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The company is the outcome of the entrepreneur view of the civil engineer Dr. Ronald Paleari who in 1985 was alert to the market, noticed an opportunity to manufacture snake antivenom. After three years of partnership and a lot of research, in February1988 it is launched the first product of Laboratórios Vencofarma do Brasil, the Snake Antivenom. Today, with more than 30 years in the market, Venco has more than 60 products among serums, vaccines, quick diagnosis kits and drugs for large and small animals. Our constant technical enhancement and investments in biotechnology makes us one of the most growing companies in the agribusiness market. Most of this growing is owed to R&D, which is possible because of partnerships with research centers and universities all over the country, and this makes Venco innovate each and every day.

It is through this innovation and the commitment to quality, that Venco, a 100% national company, grew and keeps growing each day, aiming at providing the world with products that improves people and animals' lives.

The Best of Agribusiness

The Best of Agribusiness. Venco is champion with highlight prize Elected for the 6th consecutive year among the 10 best animal health companies, in 2017 Venco was also named champion as "Highlight among Small and Medium Companies" by Globo Rural Magazine.

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